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Helper Baby Chicks Snoopervisor all at it again.

Helper Baby Chicks Snoopervisor

Helper Baby Chicks Snoopervisor

It has been a fun week full of a Helper Baby Chicks Snoopervisor all through the week!! First up is Logan… My helper. He was sooo excited to help me go pick up the baby chicks!! I bet you can tell by that smile!! They sure are a quiet bunch… seriously… DANG!!

These now 13 chicks have been here for five days and only a few complaints from them. Meaning loud chirping…. Not because they are cold or hungry I promise you that, but someone is stepping on another or for just no reason that I can find. I need to add that the leg stretching has begun. I am sure a SUPER quick growth spirt is just a minute away.

White Sox has decided that he now needs a job… He sat there on the stood for over 15 minutes explaining it to me. I tried tell him that I really did not have a job for him, but hummmm…

He has been assigned baby chick sitter duty. I am not sure how he feels about it. However he assured me that he was up for the task. What do you guys think??

Do you think he can handle it?

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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