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Hello thirsty and new friends on this long weekend.

Hello thirsty and new friends

Hello thirsty and new friends

I do hope that you had a wonderful long Independence Day weekend. Hello thirsty and new friends is what we got on the homestead this week. As always I was out in the garden both Sunday and today. Gotta take advantage of the long weekend, right?? I know you can not see my new do in this photo, however, I did get is chopped off. Anyway… Please send some rain this way…

As you can see it is bone dry around here. The poor flowers are struggling. It was time to bring out the sprinklers. The two flowers above were so much happier after a good LOOOOONG drink. How much are you loving that purple phlox. No I did NOT edit the photo! Amazing shade of purple if I say so myself! The second is a lily, which I have SEVERAL in bloom. All very thirsty. I ran the sprinklers for 1.5 hours last night to be sure that everything was doing better. This was the first spot. Yes, I had several going at once. Including the trees, Dad!

I will share a new photo next week.

This poor frog was not happy that I was pulling weeds today. So much so that when I got to the end of the line, he buried himself in the dirt. I am super excited to see all the creatures though. Including this terrible but cool photo of a baby walking stick. Guys this thing was about 1 inch if that. It kinda freaked me out at first. Soon it will grow up to be big. Plenty of places for both of these creatures to live in harmony on the homestead.

One last thing… I can happily say that … I did pretty much get all the weeds and grass out of the veggie areas of the garden. I have a few more seeds to plant for some succession planting. Such as green beans, carrots and broccoli. What do you think??

Hello thirsty and new friends

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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