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Hello there Eggs and Kitties getting in trouble.

Hello there Eggs and Kitties

Hello there Eggs and Kitties

Well, it has been a bit since I said hello… This week is all about trouble makers. Yes, even me… hahaha. Hello there Eggs and Kitties ALL getting into trouble. I went on a small adventure and I wanted to be sure to “capture” the fun of all these AMAZING butterflies. I love these sunglasses and YES i do actually wear them!! The coffee cup and scarf are gifts from two different friends. I am sooo lucky!! Do they know me or what!! Purple and butterflies make me smile!

Hello there Eggs and Kitties

Here is something else that makes me smile!! Junior has been inside for a month now. He enjoys hanging out with me in the craft room. Now you know kitty fur is FREE here!! haha!! Thing have been moving a a good direction the last few weeks. Thankful of that for sure. Junior, we are all happy that you are happy here on the Hamscher Homestead!!

The Christmas tree came down. However the boys were not super happy about it. Joe put the small tree that was on a table near by down on the floor. Apparently that made them happy. I have seen Mr. Bigglesworth and Clyde here in these beds for a few days now.

Now, Penelope is back to her Snoopervisor self here in the second photo. I was grabbing something from the cabinet and she decided she wanted to pick something also. Ohhh Miss P!!

Hello there Eggs and Kitties

Yes, I know it is early. However, we lost our Rooster and fingers crossed all seven of these eggs are viable!! The rooster was a Silkie and I have ONE Silkie egg in here. The others are a bonus and a prayer. I will update when I candle them. Next week!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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