Paper Pumpkin

Have you been wondering about Paper Pumpkin?

Wondering about Paper Pumpkin

Wondering About Paper Pumpkin, Still??

Are you still wondering about all the Paper Pumpkin talk?? I would like to share a few things… that you might be wondering about! There are two ways to get Paper Pumpkin. One – a monthly subscription, you get billed on about the 11th of the month. Second – a prepaid subscription, which are one, three, six and twelve months. This can be gifted as well! The crafty fun box comes to you usually around the 20th of the month. The supplies in the box are about everything you need to make as the instructions state. Your first box will include a stamp block as a thank you for your subscription. You will need this each month after.

The above are the Alternatives that I was able to submit for the Monthly Facebook Live that Paper Pumpkin does. It sure is an honor to be able to do this a few times a year! Sometimes coming up with ideas can be frustrating.. but I ALWAYS figure that out! Thanks in part to my fun group Pumpkin Whispers… a Paper club over on facebook! ANYWAY, do you just look at the project directions and say… I wonder what this would look like this way. Yup, that is me! Always looking outside the box! But even if you are one that likes to do all as the directions state… It is ALL GOOD!

How about a few more Alternatives to take a peak at… one from June.

Wondering about Paper Pumpkin

I have been working on some thank you cards to send to my new subscribers. How would you like to come and join in the Paper Pumpkin fun!! And then I can make one and send it to you!!


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