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Happy week of Christmas, pretties, furies and food.

Happe week of Christmas

Happy week of Christmas

Finally, we made it, Happy week of Christmas. Mooch is putting in his two cents. I was going to skip the tree, BUT he would not have it. Only two slimline trees AND no ornaments. I will find him sitting under them any minute.

Hamscher Homestead

Mooch decided that I was not moving fast enough and took a nap. While he was napping I was able to get this and several other things done. Including two Christmas trees. A bunch of dusting and lots of sneezing too. haha. Check out last years decorations, here.

The face… He wants more attention and I was not spooning out the food fast enough. You see he now takes his time eating because he knows that I do not leave until he is done. But we chat and discuss what all went on the day before. You better believe it, he is loving every minute of it.

Joe has not been super happy with me… I have been baking. No, not because of diets. However, we are still trying to be good. He still has not gotten his taste buds back after being sick. I have to admit I truly enjoyed this beautifully light and gooey yumminess. Nothing fancy, just frozen puff pastry, espresso chocolate chips and left over cherry pie filling.

OHHHHH yummmmmmm

More baking tomorrow. Only making a few things, hoping Joe can taste more goodness as the week goes on.

Christmas Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


  • Paula Poindexter

    Oh My Goodness Gracious!!!
    Loved the snap of Juniors face! He sure is the spittin’ image of Mr. B!
    So Sweet!
    Your pretties sure do make you and your kitties happy!

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