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Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and You!!

Happy Mother’s Day

I want to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day today!! You know what, it is not easy being a Mom. There is stress, heartache and tears. Do you see them? Not usually. There is also pride, giggles and Joy. I choose to look and remember the good things.

I hope you do too!!

I have a little story… My mom and I did not always see eye to eye on things. I bet you can relate!! However, no matter my troubles she stood with me. Got mad mind you, but still loved me. All good Moms do that, right?? As the oldest of Six kids. A very active and spread out bunch. We ranged in age by 16 years.

I can remember staying up to watch MaryLou win the gold medal while feeding one of my twin brothers. There is lots of memories of garage sales on Friday mornings that I did not work. Even a memory of my mom and I maybe opening a little shop, someday. I can also remember wearing my mom’s wedding hat, thanks to my aunt!!

However, there a other memories that made our relationship stronger too. A fight about being an unwed mother. Yes, that was a BIG one. Mom was not super excited that I was moving out of state either. Also, remembering the little silly squabbles that never really meant anything. But still brought us closer. I like the earlier memories better!!

Mom, I love you!!

I hope that everyone reading this has an amazing day!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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