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Happy Memorial Day

How did you start your day?? Was it busy?? Prep work for a BBQ? The Hamscher Homestead started out with a quick crafty stop to remind myself what today is all about … Did you know that Memorial Day was not made an official federal holiday until 1971?? And did you know that it started out being called Decoration Day after the Civil War?? Always a day to remember our fallen military. Making the ultimate sacrifice, for our country.

After craft time… and before the first rain of the day, enjoyed a walk around the gardens… found that we have seven different colors of irises, three different colors of columbines and that (above left) my poppy has 8 buds so far… I can not wait to see how HUGE the flowers will get. Last year the flowers where bigger then my hand. I found this beauty (above right) showing off.

The memorial garden will be all abloom soon!

The hubby and I made some of his amazing “punch”?? I now know the recipe. <shhh it is a secret> This “punch” is an adult only beverage and ohhhh sooo yummy! We enjoyed it for Mother’s Day too. After “punch” making a fire and relaxing time was in order! Then….. more rain. uugghh.

Ohh, a break again in the rain, got some weed eating done, then just enough time to cook the burgers and get inside before she opened up again. phew

Please do not forget to thank a veteran everyday….Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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