Hamscher Homestead

Happy Labor Day

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! The hubby worked so, I was left to play in the craft room. Hummm, that is a great way to spend the weekend.

Even the chickens had the run of the place. I have to admit it is fun to watch them run around, talk to each other and have snacks, haha.

Okay, I know the left picture seems weird and dark, but … this is as close as White Sox and Mr. Bigglesworth have been together for any kind of time. I was ready for bed and they all had full tummies. On the right, sister was upset because dad went to work AGAIN. Joe has tried to explain they this is the only way to keep food in the dishes, but she is still sad.

Well, another week gone, September is here. I hope that the next week brings joy and time to get crafty!

Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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