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Happy 3D Thursday everyone, Happy Fall idea.

3D Thursday Every Thursday

Happy 3D Thursday everyone

I am super excited Happy 3D Thursday everyone! Excited also to share this Fun Fall sign idea. I love fall and all that it means. Change of season, fall leaves, jeans and T-Shirts even a flannel. I especially get excited to decorate. Why because I love the fall colors. Those jewel tones of Red, Orange and dark Green. How about today’s Project??

Happy 3D Thursday everyone

If you have been with me awhile. You know that I typically start my decorating with the cabinet in the kitchen or the fireplace. This little cutie is going on the cabinet in the kitchen. No it is not huge and it does not have to be. This idea really can be ANY size you wish. For me the final project size is 3 3/4 x 6.

Happy 3D Thursday everyone

I am kinda extra excited because I was able to find a place to use Mom’s Indians. They have been packed away for a few years now. I do love mixing handmade items with store bought. Why, because it adds a personal touch to your home. At least, that is how I feel!

Here is a brief list of the supplies that I used…

I have the complete tutorial for you, but I bet you would love to follow the 3D Thursday facebook page too. Both are available using this link. Did you miss the blog hop last week?? Ohhh, you can still go ahead and check that out here.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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