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Hands in the Dirt a week on the Homestead

Hands in the Dirt

Hello and what am amazing week!! Starting off with Hands in the Dirt. However, this job was not glamorous AT ALL!! The poor chickens!! It has been way to long since I have cleaned out the Chicken Coop. Uggh, it was sure gross to say the least. After two buckets full of free fertilizer spread around all the evergreens it was time to put sand and a new pine shavings inside. The girls were very happy!! Soon we will be introducing the new chicks to the inside of the coop. They have been residing under it. In the shade and things are kinda getting a little tight under there. Well there are 10 after all.

Finally I was able to finish the retaining wall by the deck. Perfect it is not, but it works perfectly!! Adding in lots of rich soil, Now to figure out what to plant there. HUMMM?? At first I was thinking of digging out a spot around this post. Which in the fall, winter and spring is where we have a huge bird feeder. Thanks to my dad of course. For the summer it needed something!! I have been leaving it bare for a couple years now. And this year I decided it was time to do a vine on it, around it?? Or to make a trellis for it. Grabbing one of my new stone steps, a galvanized tub and more dirt. Now how to get the poor thing to climb?? Well the Corkscrew Willow provides lots of ‘interesting’ sticks. Found three the sized I wanted and done.

Next up was the Kitchen Window garden. Birdbath added ✅. Weeds pulled ✅. Sassafras growth cut back ✅. Now what?? It was needing a few things. I went to the wood pile and found an interesting tree truck. Humm, now what to put on it??

Finally this poor Butterfly house. It kept falling off the bench. And the color was lacking. Haha, yes I went with purple. Now tomorrow I will need to drill a hole and level it out with a couple of washers. And I think the garden still needs a bit more purple. Yes, I know that the flowers are purple. However, they are all on one side. I am sure I will find something. I will be sure to share next week!!

As I was driving by the porch on the tractor. I had to stop. Momma, keeping things in line out front!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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