Hamscher Homestead

Hamscher Homestead the Kitties, lazy kitties.

Hamscher Homestead the Kitties

Ohh lazy, Hamscher Homestead the kitties. I have to say it was a quiet week here on the homestead. See the lazy snuggles that Clyde was in on with Cuddles. Clyde has also decided that he needs snuggles from me every night before dinner. No, it does not matter what I am doing. My lap is where he pushes to be.

No, I am not complaining!

I had to share this one. Mr. Bigglesworth has been one not to interact with the kittens. Donnie, has been pushes ever so slightly. He has been patient and slowly working on him. Well last week I would say Donnie has won. He slowly climbed up on the windowsill.

The only other thing I have to “report” is that Joe has torn apart the Tahoe. Yup, seriously. Motor is out on a mount ready for him to rebuild it. His long weekend, fingers crossed we will have a second vehicle for Joe. Back ups are always good! I love that he can do this himself too!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

The October sneak peek. This one is ALL cards. All Christmas, All is calm, All is bright. HUMMM, wondering??


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