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Growing, Smoking and Exhausted at the Homestead

Growing, Smoking and Exhausted

Growing, Smoking and Exhausted … Ohh yes..

I bet your are wondering where I am taking you today… Growing, Smoking and Exhausted?? What the heck is that?? right?? Keep reading…

A quick peak because we have not looked at the garden for just tooo long… The picture at the top is Sugar Baby watermelons… I have 4 on the four vines… Ohhh yes I am super excited! Dare I admit that the weeds have been getting way to crazy and I need about 24 + hours to keep this in check… YIKES!! You guys have kept me super busy!! And I am sooo not complaining!

Growing Smoking and Exhausted

Yummmmm, this is baby broccoli… and I very much look forward to chomping on some fresh goodness from the garden. I also found tomatoes, zucchini flowers, cantelope flowers, bean flowers and some good size onions. The sweet potato vines are getting long too!!

Which veggies do you have in your pots or garden?? Have you tried anything new this year that is doing GREAT?? Please share maybe I can try something new here on the Homestead.

The man and his grill.. Joe decided to smoke some chickens. NOOOO not from out coop, but whole chickens anyway. Ohh man the smokey goodness. I still have a whole bird left… I see maybe some chicken salad in my future!!

After a fun filled day with these two… Even Gabby needed a nap!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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  • Paula Poindexter

    Oh yum!
    Garden is doing nicely!
    And I can smell the cooking chicken!
    The pool shot is too cute!

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