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How about this beauty greeting you at the walking path by the front walk. The flowers on this are just HUGE… originally took the picture with out my hand… needed scale. Here you are on the porch…. Yes the galvanized buckets are my favorite!! Just added the ladder to the scene this year…how did it turn out?? Do you decorate your entry?? What does it say about you?? As a military mom, there is ALWAYS red, white and blue. Yes, the country life is for me… Here on the left side of the front door, is the welcome sign that I was able to make… all wood…I am proud to say that I even cut the letters!! My amazing rusty radio flyer has been on the scene for several years, a great garage sale find, wouldn’t you say?? Note, on both sides of the door are at least one wooden chicken…. hahah Thank You for joining me today on the porch at the Hamscher Homestead Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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