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Greeting from the Coop

So have you ever wondered how to keep chickens?? The move to Indiana was interesting… having acres you can have animals… horses, cows and even chickens. Paris and Red in the picture here are third generation in this little coop of mine.. Fawn, looking at you, and Freckles just dark feathers and legs on the left are second generation.. they have been around and laying beautiful eggs for almost four years now.. add Georgette as a long timer too.. The fun part of these guys is that they all have personalities… silly yes, but they do. And they all lay different colored eggs. Yes eggs come in more then just white. Even more then just brown. Sorry, these have not been cleaned yet, but do you see all the different colors?? blue, different shades of brown and yes, even a white. Fun??… my nieces love getting their Easter eggs all year long. Thanks for joining me today… more on the homestead next week. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!

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