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Greenhouse Blooming Flowers and Kitties.

Portable greenhouse

Greenhouse Blooming Flowers and Kitties

This week has been fun… Of course it was my birthday on Sunday. But I have a ton for you this week. Including a Greenhouse Blooming Flowers and Kitties of course! Starting with a trip to the greenhouse and of course a cold snap. So I pulled up my little greenhouse to put on the porch. Worked like a charm. So very happy that I had it. There are many many new perennials inside. Can you see them?? Yes, several have flowers too.

I know, not all are blooming, however, that apple is gorgeous!! I bloomed all through the cold snap and still today while I type it is still blooming. The little bees are soo happy!! The middle flower is an iris. This one was one from my parents old house. I have taken many a chunk off and moved them from here and there. Eighteen acres has loads of room you know!! Lastly, is the peony. I can not wait to see what color this one is. It has NEVER bloomed. This year there should be a couple. I am guessing that the compost mulch has helped tremendously!!

Inside or outside they are spoiled. As you can tell they are suffering soo much. Momma is outside (black and white) She joined the homestead last year. She brought over Butterfly, thankfully!! Donnie, is our resident (inside) crafter. He likes to snoopervise in the craft room. I love to see them all so very very happy!!

Lastly, these are from Joe and I did not have to buy them myself. He sure did good!! I love the color combos and the happiness of the balloons and flowers. Thank you sweetie!!

Check back tomorrow for all the information!!

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