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Goodbye to Fall Hello to Winter all in a week.

Goodbye to Fall Hello to Winter

Goodbye to Fall Hello to Winter

Ohh what a week. Between Thanksgiving and the nice weather I had a ton to do!! We are not only saying Goodbye to Fall Hello to Winter. Penelope decided it was too long since she sat in the front door. I was very excited to see her there. This was Wednesday, I was running around cleaning things up around the porch.

So now all 1050 bulbs have been planted… I figured 7 different daffodils, 3 tulips 2 different alliums, and snowdrops. Ohh bring on spring!! I also had 5 trees and a bush left to plant. A maple from my dad, 2 Pink Flowering Dogwoods and two Red Flowering Dogwoods were the trees. I also had a variegated Elderberry bush that I found on the clearance rack at Lowe’s. Yes, I really am excited to see how all this turns out!! The last of the Trees were planted on Thanksgiving morning. because….

Joe was cooking… Almost the whole dinner… The only thing I made was stuffing and pie. So here is what was cut of the Smoked Turkey. The Mac and Cheese with homemade cheese sauce was my favorite. Not wanting to make a big pie, We like little mini pies. I use a large muffin pan. Which is your Favorite, Apple or Cherry?? Here is the only flop of the day… Joe’s rolls. Nope they did not rise. We figured out that the milk was too hot when he added the yeast. No biggie!

I was able to get all the fall decorations down, organized and brought downstairs in just under four hours. Phew, It sure looks naked around here. Yes, I let the house rest for a couple days before pulling out all the winter decorations. Starting with the flags and then on to the village. The village is complete. The only people in it are the skaters. More on the decorations next week.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Black Friday til November 30
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