Girls Night,  Paper Pumpkin

Girl’s Night needed Paper Pumpkin treats

Girl's Night needed Paper Pumpkin

Girl’s Night needed Paper Pumpkin.

You know I love making little treats for in person events. Soo, Girl’s Night treats this time!! They were perfect. The windows were open, we had snacks and laughed! A fun summer night with friends! I am not sure it could get much better?? Well, maybe a few more friends and maybe crafting outside… Ohhh we should have done that. Joe had the fire going and the “vodka lights” lite.

DARN it! We should have!!

There is always September 4th, fingers crossed the weather cooperates!! I will try and remember, but you guys need to remind me too!!

Girl's Night needed Paper Pumpkin

I was thinking when I made these that they would be fun popcorn bags.. And YOU KNOW that fits in with the whole outside theme!! I am loving this idea!! Girls Watch out!! ANYWAY!! All the little parts here are the “extras” and we do love extras. The “jar” is just the jar punch and one of the add on card bases.

Girl's Night needed Paper Pumpkin

Six yes, 6 jars from one base!! WoooHOO! That is what I call being thrifty and with all those missing envelopes this is a great way to use up the extra card bases. I know, I know I have plenty of envelopes, but still!! It really is fun trying to see how far you can get with just one kit!! The mileage is AMAZING actually!! All those extra pieces too just added so much value to these little boxes!!

Monday is the last day to sign up so that you too can get the August Paper Pumpkin. I really do not want you to miss out!! Sign up and Join us over on Facebook for alternatives.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


  • Paula Poindexter

    Oh those treat bags are adorable!
    Now looking at your card base with the jars punched out. Please tell me you punched small flowers or something from that space between the rows!!!
    Just sayin’.

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