Hamscher Homestead

Fuzzy Furries and Greenery on the homestead.

Fuzzy Furries and Greenery

Fuzzy Furries and Greenery

This week on the homestead we had Fuzzy Furries and Greenery sprout up. haha Starting off with the Fuzzy. Isn’t she just tooo cute!! This one is very brave. If I had to guess the leader of the trouble makers. She is an escape artist. Yup, I thought I sent them all to Kendra. Apparently NOT!! This picture was from earlier this weekend. She has neck feathers coming in now too. I can not wait to see all the colors.

Fuzzy Furries and Greenery

Ohh poor Mr Bigglesworth he is just soo exhausted. From what?? I have no clue. You know it is very rough being a kitty on the homestead. (insert eye roll). I went passed him at least four times. All he did was what you see here. Squint to see who it was and done. geezzz

Ohh with all that warmer weather things have started to sprout. Seriously. From top left to right. Daffodils, Tulips, Lilies, Jane Magnolia and the Weeping Cherry. After doing some more walking around I found that the Irises and even some of the Maples have serious buds on them too. One of the Maple trees has the start of “helicopters” too. However wouldn’t you know it there was some crazy ice and snow mix today. So no more photos.

Fuzzy Furries and Greenery

Lastly, Cuddles decided that Joe needed company having a snack today. Yup, she was in the house. No troubles with any of the others. She was not inside for very long. BUT who knows.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

April 2021 Paper Pumpkin

So excited for this kit!! Did you hear?? it is shaped cards!! WooooHOOOO!!

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