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Fur and Feathered Babies Flowers are here!!

Fur and Feathered Babies Flowers

An amazing week here! Today we have Fur and Feathered Babies Flowers are finally getting ready to plant. Here are the fur cuties. I will admit that they are moving around so there is a bit of blur in this photo. However, it is not going to be long for these guys are tearing through the house. They are really getting around.

Butterfly is such a great mom. She is super attentive and talks with them all the time!!

Here is a fun peek at these feathered babies. There are three different breeds. Two of them have feathered feet. I really love breeds that have that. Here is my favorite photo too. The photo bomb from this black and grey chicken. I am pretty sure that in two weeks they will be going outside. I do need to get a few thing done for them before that happens, Look for those updates soon!!

It is that time again…. Flowers!!! I have started my hunt for all of my favorite ones. There are a few here that I typically can not find. So, I am super excited! I am sure you can hear me quelling!! Now to get the rest of plant. Although I might start having fun planting before that though. We will see. More adventures this next week….

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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