Hamscher Homestead

Fun Time at the Hamscher Homestead


Fun time at the Hamscher Homestead!!

These two have been running around after each other. I would say that they are having a fun time at the Hamscher Homestead. Wouldn’t you?? Hide and seek was the first game. Secondly, we move on too..


King of the mountain. They play this one often.. every once and a while you will see feathers through the tub cover. I do have to laugh because they are really finding out what is going on around them. Check on visitors when they arrive too! Still quiet most of the time. Just a reminder of two weeks ago, just a huge different from two weeks ago…


I am not sure you can tell, but the larger chick is getting a “mohawk”. Not sure if that is the polish daddy coming out in it. Maybe it is just the start of the head feathers. Any one care to take a guess?? Stay tuned for that!!


Lastly, I was super excited to be able to wish this beautiful lady a Happy Birthday!! Those boys joined her for a quick visit. But really all they wanted was the candy she got in the bag, hahaha. Dontcha, love all the smiling faces!! I know it always makes me smile too!!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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