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Fun News Flowers and Bricks in the garden

Tree Frogs…

Fun News Flowers and Bricks

Ohhhh, it has been a week. The weather has been amazing… Yes, we have had some raid, however, my plants are much happier!! Today I have Fun News Flowers and Bricks in the garden. Starting off with a Tree Frog that decided it wanted to hang out on the screen off the family room. It was driving the kitties crazy too. Hahaha.

New hanging basket

Yes, It is totally that time of year… Flowers… I found two of these hanging baskets when Kim and I went to one of the local greenhouses. Thank you for joining me Kim!! Yes we found several treasures AND I did get Mother’s Day flowers for my Sister-in Laws. I am looking forward to dropping them off this weekend!! I will share them next week. Dontcha love the Red White and Blue theme here??

Sunday was my day in the dirt. As you can see it was sunny and the temperatures were around 70. Joe offered to help, thankfully. He grabbed all the available bricks. So I started off with a hose from post to post. That was to create a somewhat straight line. I used my shovel to dig up the dirt. Next came weed pulling and lastly was brick placement. I almost got this done. However, I has 12 bricks shy when I was losing light and getting attacked by mosquitoes. I do have it done now though. It does look real nice. I will share more next week, I want to get the planting done.

ONE more thing…

New Truck

Yes, one more thing… it was the BIG thing this week. I have a new to me truck and YES, I am enjoying it. If you know of a local (to me) vendor event let me know… I am looking to get back into it. I have one already on the books. If you have not seen me lately… call and let’s set up a date!! Yes, dad I am working on when I will be coming out this week sometime.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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