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Frost warning tonight

I hope you are not under the same frost warning that we are tonight (monday). This poor hibiscus “tree” needed to be brought inside… it is LOADED with flower buds. The good thing about a frost warning is that most of the outside allergens will be gone. The rough one is that all the pretties die too. This will be the second winter that this “tree” is brought inside. I heard a few fun comments about the kitty introductions so lets continue with that….. This is Gabby, she was rescued bu the Hubby, from freezing temperatures, with the beginning of frost bite on her paw pads… She earned her name because she is very talkative with the Hubby especially. Right now she is the highest ranking female in the house… and misses having a sister to be with…. Penelope (last week) is somewhat anti cat social. This is the newest member of the household… Mr Bigglesworth. He was our outside kitty for a few years. He was allowed on the property right before Penelope came in the house. He rid the homestead of all other cats and who knows what else. He was TOUGH too the Hubby and I saw him in action once, YIKES!! You would never know this by how he is in the house. This will sound funny but he is respectful of his “elders” He knows not to mess with Penelope or Mooch in anyway.. I think he fancies Gabby and you know she is playing hard to get! Thank you for joining me again…. Hope you enjoyed the two new stars of the homestead. Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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