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From Suntea to Flowers and Snow. What a week here.

From Suntea to Flowers and Snow

From Suntea to Flowers and Snow

It was an interesting week… From Suntea to Flowers and Snow this morning. Welcome to spring in the Midwest, right?? I also heard that this coming weekend is suppose to be over 70. We will see what happens. I can say that I sure did enjoy the suntea that I made on Thursday. When it was sunny. haha

During one of my walk abouts, I found a new volunteer. The grape hyacinths (far left) I did not plant. I really do appreciate when the birds bring me flowers!! Middle photo is the first blooms on my creeping phlox. I have several different colors. This fuchsia is my favorite. There is also pink, purple (of course) and a white. Lastly in this group is my primrose that I planted a couple years ago. I am thinking that there are going to be a BUNCH of flowers on this, soon.

Warning!! It is all you about the blooms… I think of it this way… Spring is really here, well somewhat. Again from left to right, Forsythia bush. We have two, I have 6 more coming, The two we have now are out front by the entrances to the homestead. The new six will be on the tree line in the back. The middle photo is our Maple tree getting ready to spread its seeds. We called them helicopters as kids. Dad hated them. We had trees growing everywhere. I have even seen them growing in gutters. That actually makes me laugh. Lastly here is the Weeping Cherry tree. She is loaded with buds. This frost and now snow though. I think it might do some damage.

Time will tell.

Here we go, the last of the flowers. Soon there will be plenty more!! The Daffodils over by the chicken coop are always my first blooms. They are up against a galvanized tub. Joe and I went on a small adventure last week and were talking about putting some Daffodils in the back forty. So, you bet when I saw the clearance rack at Lowes full of them I bought some. They will be planted up on the hill over by where Poindexter gets parked for the winter.

From Suntea to Flowers and Snow

And then we woke up to this… it is spring in the Midwest after all. I have had snow on my birthday. So this should not surprise me. So, so you know though, I did not put in a request for it. I want to plant seeds and my veggies!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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