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Frog Grapes Seedling and Flowers of course.

Frog Grapes Seedling and Flowers of course.

Frog Grapes Seedling and Flowers

Another crazy week here on the Homestead. Frog Grapes Seedling and Flowers is what I have or you. This poor little Tree Frog spooked me. I went out the door to toss the trash. Came back around and saw him. He was on the Front door frame. I am sure he was trying to enjoy the breeze. Dang it has been hot.

Frog Grapes Seedling and Flowers

Here is an update on the Grape vines. I have this Concord that has grapes. However the second one is too small yet. I will share that the irrigation has been a huge help. These grapes are going to be soo yummy!! This was a quick passing by photo. I was working out in the big garden and there are a TON more on the other side. I did not have my phone to take a photo. (sorry).

This seedling will soon grow up to be like this. I am grateful for all the amazingly different sunflower colors. Did you see yesterday’s bouquet?? Soon I will be able to add more to the bunch. After the rain today, I saw that several more blooms opened in the garden too.

Such a happy flower!!

After yesterday’s smiles, here is where those amazing zinnias came from. There are loads more to come. I went a little zinnia seed crazy. I will say that even with our winds here. They are tall and amazing. Joe commented on them. He also asked if they will come back next year. I told him that I will be collecting the blooms and we will have lots more to plant next year. LOTS!! He said that was GREAT!

This last photo is another seedling that I planted. This Brandywine Rudbecka is going to be amazing when it opens. I can not wait. Although, I think it might be too small though to use in a vase.

I sure hope that you have enjoyed seeing all the progress this week. I need to get back out in the veggie garden and get after more weeds. Between the humidity and heat, it has gone wild again.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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