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Friends Blooming Flowers and Seeds plus a meadow.

Friends Blooming Flowers and Seeds

Friends Blooming Flowers and Seeds

We are into our first week of June already, WHAT?? I know, how is this possible. I have a bunch of things for you this week. Always hoping for more, but… Friends Blooming Flowers and Seeds is all that I was able to get. I know you are going to laugh though. This is the very FIRST time that these two have been on the ledge together. I have gotten Donnie and Clyde up here a bunch of times. When I was making sure that all the window were closed I found these two. Although it has happened a few times since. WIN, I would say!!

Friends Blooming Flowers and Seeds

Here is my new friend. This little thing scared me half to death. I was planting pots and the dirt started moving. Out popped this little thing. However, this was the second. About 10 minutes earlier a larger one hopped right on my shovel. For those that have not been here. I have an old metal sink that has three different compartments. That is what I use to keep my dirt, bags of rocks and more. Apparently they were talking a nap.

Look at all these pretties…

Okay, here are the blooming flowers of the week… I found the Johnny Jump Ups or Violas in a pot on the deck. And you just never know where you are going to find them next!! More of Joe’s Grandmas roses in the middle then the next two are Peonies. The medium and light pink, remember the dark and white one last week. Lower middle is Allium, this one is almost done, but still so pretty. Lastly, is the first of the Foxgloves to bloom. The I think is a Sunset, I have more of those that I started from seed. This one is still small, but next year look out!! Especially with all the new compost. All that pretty in my garden!! Yes, there are still weeds, but more flowers to see!!

Okay, here are more flowers, okay soon to be. One of these groups is planted in an old wheel barrel and the in a galvanized tub. The first in the front flower bed and the second over my the chicken coop. However with all this rain they are going to grow quickly!! I think it might be time to “sow” a second group.

No matter if you are a gardener, I know that this is joyful. Who does not smile when they see happiness.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Friends Blooming Flowers and Seeds

Ohh, one last thing… This is the wildflowers, that keep coming back. Third year now. I have to thank my nieces for helping open a bunch of seeds this spring. The Flower heads were all there just needed to be helped a bit.

Coloring Class

Info coming later this week…

June Paper Pumpkin Peek

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