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Flowers Kittens and Science Experiments too!!

Flowers Kittens and Science Experiments

Flowers Kittens and Science Experiments

I almost missed these Flowers Kittens and Science Experiments. You will not want to miss all the fun… One part is will be something you will want to follow… Fingers crossed that it does not take too long. Starting here with this beautiful Oriental Poppy. I almost missed getting this photo. You know how much I love this poppy. And to say that it has 5 huge flower buds still. Excited, ohhh yes!!

These photos are from three different gardens on the homestead. First up is the furthest left. Those little poppies, look familiar?? However, now there are yellow ones. These little cuties are in the first garden that was worked. Ohhh I have trees that I need to dig out of that bed. That will have to wait for another day. Second or the middle is the Peony from the front walk. Yes, that is concrete (porch) on the bottom corner. This one is from the craft room side of the walk. Lastly, is the Coreopsis and Gaillardia which are in the wild flower “patch” which is out by the road between the oak trees and the big dip. I was super excited because Joe and I decided to keep this patch and add to it too. There were about 2 pounds of seeds added to that TODAY!!


Believe me when I tell you, seriously there are a ton of seeds out there. Some wildflower seeds, yes more. Some Zinnia seeds and I also added some sunflower seeds too! It is going to be soo fun to see what “pops” up after all the rain we are to get in the next couple days!!

Flowers Kittens and Science Experiments

Ohh man you guys…

I almost freaked out… Searched the house twice looking for Bonnie. Seriously, Joe was in and out. I had no idea where she could be. For some reason I lifted this trash bin and it was heavy. Yup she was sound asleep in the garbage. Which mind you is UNDER a table in the family room. Yes, my heart skipped a beat and thankful I sure was.

Flowers Kittens and Science Experiments

I do love a good science experiment. Whether it is in the craft room or outside. I am super excited to see what happens with all this dirt. Can you see the little markers?? Those are dividing all the trillions of seeds just in these 5 flower boxes. It was event funny. With all the rain that decided to grace my homestead I knew that I needed to take advantage of it. Had the seeds pulled and was prepping when I saw the weather forecast. Three whole days of what looked like some great rain… Perfect for germinating seeds. Yes, the humidity will help too. I can not wait to see all the little sprouts. I will share more in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed that is.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Flowers Kittens and Science Experiments

Okay gardening fans… Any idea what this could be?? I found a bag of them. You guessed it it was not marked what was inside. I know we will see when the sprout, but…

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