Hamscher Homestead

Flowers Flowers and Fluff on the Homestead

Flowers Flowers and Fluff

Flowers Flowers and Fluff

Ohhh soo many, Flowers Flowers and Fluff going on here on the Homestead! These are the very first flowers you see when you pull up the driveway. The hill is covered with them. Love all the different colors too. There are dark pink, light pink and lavender.

The Hamscher Homestead has three different Apple Trees. All of them are LOADED with apples. Okay, with possible apples anyway. Holy cow are there a ton of flowers!! The one on the right is the one that Joe “straightened” in the fall. Check out that post, here. Although we have straighten one there is another that Joe says would be a good idea to straighten also. I am happy Joe helps me with this job.

It sure is a BIG one.

All of the Flowering Trees blooming. However, there are a couple of others still to come. Cleveland Pear, Weeping Cherry and lastly the Redbud are just in the front yard. I was excited to pull in the driveway the other day. Shhh, do not tell Joe, but it is finally coming together. Joe commented on how beautiful the trees look at one of the neighbors houses a few years ago and I have been really working on it here. Still have two more to add to the driveway line. I need to keep looking, I know I will find them!

I have two Forsythia bushes one on each side of the driveway (left). When I saw that almost all of the lilacs had blooms I started clapping. I almost dropped my phone. My neighbor gave me several little starts and this is the first year they have bloomed. Lastly, both of my Jane Magnolias are blooming too.

To say I am happy with all of this is an understatement!!

Finally all of the daffodil clumps are flowering. Last year I only got two bunches. Love that there are three different colors. Soo many tulips, one early bloomer.

I found these super TALL Peony shoots. These are the tallest ones so far. This clump has not bloomed yet…. could be?? Lastly here, the herbs are greening up. Joe was excited to be able to use them, soon!!

Cuddles has been still visiting with Junior every day. The warmer weather has helped him. She goes out usually when the babies are sleeping. However, the little tabby and white one has been eating all the kitten food.


I know I am … I hope you have enjoyed the look at what is going on here on the homestead.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting crafty!!

May Paper Pumpkin Peek

Here is your sneak peek… Batter up!!


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