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Flowers Chicks Veggies and Visits with the P’s

Flowers Chicks Veggies and Visits

Flowers Chicks Veggies and Visits with the P’s

So much going on here on the homestead. All kinds of Flowers, Chicks, Veggies and Visits out to my parents. Starting with the sunshine that the sunflowers are bringing to the edge of the garden. The birds are in for a great treat. Sooo, many seeds to be had this fall.

Fall is approaching

Joe spotted these red leaves this weekend. I do not know if I am ready for this just yet. How about you??

So I found these four baby chicks that needed a home… Really, I found them. hahaha. The Frizzle and Silkie are actually ready to go out to the coop, but since Lulu is under the coop, I have no where to put them. I have been working on a plan. However, I really need to focus more on that plan. There is not much room left with six babies in the tub.

Flowers Chichs Veggies and Visits

This squash is going from yellow to green. It has been slow trying to figure out what it is for sure. There are still more changes to come. I promise to share them when I catch them.

Enjoying time with Mom and Dad. Mom and I chatted over coffee. We even went on a few adventures. No garage sales, but I really was not prepared. I have to say that my favorite thing was Friday Night Pizza. It has been forever since we have done it. When we were kids every Friday night was pizza night. And when the twins got bigger it actually was kinda crazy. At time there were at least two if not three extra large pizza’s. What pizza would you order?? We always had a cheese and sausage, all cheese and the third when we had one was always different.

Dad enjoyed two live Jennifer Tv’s which is always funny to me. I am lucky that I have all their support. I especially appreciate the help he gives me.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


  • Paula Poindexter

    No no no! So not ready for fall.
    This is me keeping it clean.

    Always fun figuring out volunteer produce. Yes, keep us posted.

    Those littles are all so cute!

    Hugs to yours my friend!

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