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Flowers Chickens and more Flowers, all the work.

Flowers Chickens and more Flowers

Flowers Chickens and more Flowers

Sooo many things to share this week starting with Flowers, Chickens and more Flowers. Remember two weeks ago?? I am very happy to report that the seeds have sprouted already!! WoooHOOOO!! Both of the “pots” have actually. I can not wait to see how it all turns out. I did a mix of sunflowers and zinnias here.

It sure has been busy around here. Dare I say fun too?? Yes, lots of work but it always look so good when you get through the whole thing. I have been thinking that I needed to go back to my $1 perennial place. However, I saw that today (monday) was the last day of the season. They are sold out. Dang, right?? So I went over to talk with my neighbor, friend and fellow gardener and we came up with a plan using seeds.

Why, you ask??

Well I have two flower beds that are 20 x 30ish. That requires LOTS of flowers, right?? I do not know about you, but I do not want to keep trying to purchase here and there. So Judy and I have come up with a seed plan. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Flowers Chickens and more Flowers

Speaking of Judy, haha…. You know there was a story behind this one!! Her husband a few years back put silk flowers in this knot. This is one of the HUGE oak trees out front close to the road. two falls ago I put an Iris tuber in here. Last year it got all green no flower. However, this year we had this gorgeous bloom!!

Hamscher Homestead

I was heading over to her house when I saw here walking from the street. I wondered what she was doing. She was admiring the flowers. So we had to take a photo.

Flowers Chickens and More Flowers

The girls are wondering when it is their turn to get the weeds pulled. There is a small flower bed around the coop. And right now that was is down towards the bottom of the list. Sorry girls!! Soon very Soon!!

Soo many things to be excited about.

Starting from the top left. I thought that the chickens killed this poor bleeding heart. I was happy to find it!! Yes, buried up all the oak leaves. Middle is Joe’s Grandmas roses. They are all a glory right now. Top Right, is the VERY first peony flower of the season. I have several different ones. White, light pink, dark pink and a red. Looking forward to those blooms soon!! The bottom left is the new Phlox that was planted two weeks ago. Isn’t that color AMAZING!! The second one in the same bed is loaded with flowers too. Lastly, all the hostas have babies. I am looking forward to splitting them up in the fall.

Flowers Chickens and more Flowers

To say that I am happy is an understatement. Guys that is a ton of pretty going on there!! No not me… all those flowers. You can see that whole rose bush. BREATHTAKING to say the least. Now to fertilize and Jump the walk to the other side!! During the week this week I will be planting the seeds I already have. I ordered more tonight…. LOTS to fill!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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  • Paula Poindexter

    Im a firm believer that “weeds” have a right to shine too. Ha!!
    Can’t wait to see the gardens in about 4 weeks when all the new seeds start doing what they should be doing.

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