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Flowers Butterflies Flowers and Butterflies

Bees and Flowers

Flowers Butterflies Flowers and Butterflies

Here we are another week gone from May. There is so much to do and SO much that still needs to be done. Joe has been home and you know how that goes… distractions and laughs. Yes, laughs… because of all the silly things that have happened. Rain and more Rain add in a little travel. I am bummed because I forgot to get a photo of the amazing orange iris that started to bloom on Friday. I forgot about that color!! And she is a beauty.

However, this above photo was AMAZING!! I heard the bee. Although I could not see it. It was having a feast in my peonies. This one has several white blooms. Plus, there are several that are still not open. It is right off the front walk and craft room side of the porch.

Birdbath butterfly

This bird bath is in the kitchen window garden. I found it at Kroger last year for only $20. Great price, right?? I was soo excited. I know it needs a good clean out. Apparently this butterfly was enjoying a drink anyway. Can you see the blue butterfly under it?? I love that it lights up and you can actually see some of the bird bath even at night. Thank you Judy!!

New flowers..

This one is a favorite for me… I picked it up at a new greenhouse I found when driving around with Joe. It is called Rosie Posies, over in Argos. Off the beaten path for sure. Owned by an Amish lady and her three dachshunds. I have not seen a hanging basket like this before. Let alone a cascade it begonia like this either. I have it off the kitchen side door. You can see it when you get coffee in the morning!!

More butterflies!

This butterflies was off by the chicken coop. VERY much enjoying the clover over there. So glad that I did not miss it. Plus I was even happier that Momma did not see it. She was chasing bugs, birds and butterflies all over the place.


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