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Flowers and fun with Furies on the Homestead.

Flowers and fun with Furries

Flowers and fun with Furies

Another week on the Homestead, Flowers and fun with Furies. Remember the planting that I did around November?? The bulbs are doing GREAT!! This one is the one that is going to be my mom’s. I was attempting to bring it back in late December. With all the crazy events going on I still have not gotten out there. uugghh Check these out!!

Alrighty, the top bud is the second flower heard for this red one. Mom would have loved this. I am not sure that I have gotten her a red one. I do not think that my grandma did either. Let me just say that to me this is a true Christmas Red. Deep and rich in color. And to get a second bud is super exciting. Mom, I know Dad will show you, it really is beautiful!! The second photo there is a flower bud still have some time on this one. This third photo you can see the leaves of the other in the background. This pink and white is so striking. I did have to change the angle so that you could see how bright pink this is. Lastly is the fourth bulb that is now super close to opening. I am sure that next week I will be able to share this one.

Flowers and fun with Furies

So much pretties!!

Ohhh, Cuddles!! Joe has been home on his long weekend this last few days. Guys, he was catnipping them all. However, poor Cuddles might have over indulged just a bit. I wish you guys could actually see her face. She looked drunk. I am typing this and giggling. The second photo is shortly after the first. Joe was handing out Greenies too. She did not want to miss a crumb!! Yes, I will also share that she came inside after only being out for an hour this morning. Her poor cold feeties.

Flowers and fun with Furies

These new “perches” that Joe put up are a favorite for the bird watchers in the house. Clyde pictured here. All the birds are snacking on the birdseed that I thankfully filled the other day. Well, I think that is about it.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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