Hamscher Homestead

Flowers and a deer

Last week it was just buds, this week… WOW!

I found out that this is an Icelandic Poppy, the flowers are bigger then my hand, fingers open. The inside reminds me of our Blackberry Bliss color. Last count there were 13 buds/flowers. Several open at once. Beautiful!

Late last week, I was putzing around the kitchen and something caught my eye. Looked again and then realized it was a deer.

She apparently decided that was the spot for a rest. Right before dark, she was still there. Woke up early and she was gone… early enough that my pillow called me back to bed. Thankful she felt comfortable to relax and be safe even if for just a few hours.

Are you ready for the new catalog?? Do you have your new catalog?? Contact me if you still need one. The Siberian delivery has been made!! Catalogs have arrived, comment if you still need a catalog.

Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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