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Flowers a Bird and Sand, a whole lot of sand!!

Flowers a Bird and Sand

Flowers a Bird and Sand

This week is all about Flowers a Bird and Sand. This first photo is not your typical flower though. This one has lace flowers though. This is a small little piece of my first wedding dress. Did you know that there are amazing seamstresses that sew what they call Angel Gowns?? Curious, right?? Well check out that ruler. That dress is 11 inches. These amazing ladies are making gowns for babies that have passed WAY too soon. No matter if miscarried, SIDS or so many other things. My cousin Candi advised me that she will be able to get at least 13 gowns from my dress that I donated. This is not something that I typically talk about, but as someone who has had 3 miscarriages, I know that I am not alone. I know that soo many beautiful people has suffered in silence due to this. I was blessed with my one son and grateful for that. Now my dress can help someone grieve with their little treasure from my heart to theirs.

Thank you to my cousin for this opportunity to help others!!

Now, I know these were the flowers you were thinking I was talking about. And I was however, I wanted to share the dress first. Lots going on inside and outside around here. Starting with all those tulips that I planted. OHH, my so many I would not get photos of them all. And I think Joe and I are in for a wonderful show from the two Jane Magnolias this year. Fingers crossed the weather holds!! Do you remember all those seeds that I planted last fall?? Well see that white marker (bottom left photo)?? Here is one of those seeds that I planted. And holy Cow there are several!! Curious what it is?? Well this is going to be a beautiful Coneflower. I had several colors so time will tell. Lastly here is the Caladiums. I have two colors. Aaron White and Pink. I was really beginning to wonder if these were going to do anything…. GEEZZ!! I planted them almost 8 weeks ago. I only have a couple pots that do not have some sort of growth… Wooohoo

Flowers a Bird and Sand

I got a call last week from a bird watching friend and she told me to start watching. So I have been, and Sunday I finally saw an Oriole. I hope that it decides to stay and visit.

Joe and I have been talking about the garden the last few weeks. How to make a few simple improvements that will help our yields. Now as many of you know, we do not do things small here. Thankfully we have plenty of space. The garden has been on a terrible slope. As you see the bottom left photo is a great perspective to see how much it had to be built up. Thankful also that we had plenty of sand to make this happen. I will admit that I wish it was all dirt. However,

I could not afford to truck in that much dirt.

Although I sure wish that I could. So the build up was completed… Later this week the dirt that we did truck in, will be moved back and fingers crossed that helps some. Yes, we did some soil testing and amendments are here to help with that also. Check back next week for that update.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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