Hamscher Homestead

Flowering Trees…More then one build going on…

The top two are my magnolias… The one on the left is out front. The one on the right is out by the back forty. I am sorry, I thought the bottom left was a better picture, that is the plum tree… ohhh please hold off until it gets a weeee warmer! However, the bottom right is one of two Redbuds out front and they are about to BURST.

Five brand new straw bales… ready for planting!! Joe was moving the BIG dump truck today, which means the garden edge needs to be tilled again. Good thing the discs are still on the tractor! hummmm

I went to check on Joe this “morning-ish” and spotted this.. I think it is a Turkey Vulture feather. Huge, right?? It sure is an adventure every time you walk around here.. hahaha

Build One…

In true hillbilly fashion, Joe had the bed of an old Dodge pickup flipped over. No clue however who has taken up residence. If you see there is a hole on the left side. My first guess is woodchuck, but Joe is hunting down the trail camera so that we can find out… I will share our findings….

The saw came back out today… (insert clapping). Several things on the list. Where to start?? I started with wood and ended there.. haha. NO I am not going to tell you, but I promise to share soon!!

TIP: measure twice and cut once… geezzz

I heard my father in my head and still messed up the cut. How?? because I measured the wrong spot. THEN to make it even worse… I goofed up the miter cut. Yes, there was swearing involved, but then I laugh because again I heard my father… AGAIN.

Yes, Dad this has been added for your benefit!!

Love you and am sooo happy that you taught be to not be too much of a girl to do this stuff!! It was time to be done for the day… and maybe tomorrow the project will be done!

Laughs, Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

you have an opportunity to be one of the first with new in-colors!!


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