Hamscher Homestead

Finally… a party!

Saturday, finally SNOW!!

It was wonderful!! It fell ALL day! BIG …. FLUFFY…. SNOW!!

I sure do not want to hear ANY complaints. This was the first snowfall.

I was happy to to be invited to this beautiful ladies birthday party. Thank you sweetie!! Joe and I enjoyed spending time with you and your fun family! I know you had a wonderful BIRTHDAY!!

Lastly, working on my end of month order… if you need to add to my order contact me by Wednesday morning please!

Ohhhh, did you know that the new battery operated “candles” have timers?? YES a timer! That cute candle was a Christmas gift from my sweet hubby. It lights up for 4 hours and the turns off for 20 hours! AWESOME, right?!?

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s blog for more new plans!! exciting!!

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