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Feb 2023 Inky Whisper Sisters team meeting

Feb 2023 Inky Whisper Sisters

Last Saturday was Team Meeting day. The Feb 2023 Inky Whisper Sisters meeting was full of demonstrations, laughs and swaps. This lovely lady is Kim, she did her first team meeting demonstration. Can you say prepared? Holy cow, she had two samples and a great list of supplies. What Kim is holding is the start of a great focal image.

As you can see the ladies were super focused. I love how everyone helps each other.

Can you see the treat in the first photo? I was grateful that the team is always up for being my taste testers! The recipe is a keep foe sure! Anyway, I was also very happy to report we were all well caffeinated! And full of giggles!

I have a deal with my team. They bring their questions to the team meeting. Why? Well so we can all learn from the question. Although there are all different types of questions.

  • Where to find things.
  • How to do a technique
  • And many more…

Do you have questions? In case you did not know, I 💜Love💜 questions. To me there are no stupid questions. All you need to do is ask any questions!

Wanna see what we were making? Well you will need to check back on Friday. I love how it turned out! Thank You Kim for helping us figure this fun idea!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Looking for a team that is full of Shenanigans? Supportive, helpful and AMAZING cheerleaders! Join the Inky Whisper Sisters!

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