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Farm Ducks and Plenty of Flowers for you!!

New Ducks on the Homestead

Farm Ducks and Plenty of Flowers

Ohhh how I have missed you guys. Thank you for your support and understanding. This week I have Farm Ducks and Plenty of Flowers on the Homestead. Yes, we have added four new ducks to the Homestead. We are still figuring out all the ducky kinda things. The other day we let the Chickens and Ducks kinda roam around. They stayed pretty close to the coop and enjoyed the sprinkler that I had running before I took this photo.

I think we will be adding a section to the pen for the ducks that is still an unknown situation. I am looking forward to the windows being open because they are a chatty bunch!!

Soo many pretty things out in the Homestead gardens. Starting with this old rusty concrete mixer. It has been a couple years since I have put flowers inside. So grateful that I did… Dang she is looking pretty!!

The middle photo is the view on the bedroom side of the house. It was full of butterflies and bees when I took the photo. It sure is a happy spot! Yes, I do need to clean out that birdbath. It is on the list. No judgement please.

Lastly, is this amazing Rudbeckia she popped up and I do not have the heart to move her. I will be sure to spread her seeds in the flowerbed for next year. However, this is where she will stay until then.

Again, I soo appreciate all that touched base with me, things are getting better each day.

Earn in July, spend in August!!


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