Hamscher Homestead

Fancy baby chickens on the Homestead

I can hardly contain my excitement because BOTH of the latest babies have feathers on their feet and legs. Fancy baby chickens, YEAH!! To make the excitement even better. I think that one might even be part Frizzle. Yes, I am clapping!!

Fancy baby Chickens!

I am sorry the pictures are not the greatest, but … Can you see?? The feathers are just starting to grow on this one. There are also feathers on the second one. Second picture is just how the feathers are starting to curl on the wings. I look forward to seeing how the rest are going to grow. Now, trying to figure which of the Hens are the momma to these. I thought I had an idea, but maybe my Silkie and the Frizzle Rooster?? humm, the Silkie hen is solid black. The rooster has black in it also… this could be the pair. However, one is a mop head. NOOO idea.

Just as a reminder this is what those cuties looked like just last week?? Crazy fast how they grow!! I know, I have seen it before, but always surprises me. Every time!!

Fancy baby chickens

Once Joe started the fire on Wednesday we had it going until Saturday. It was nice to sit and just chill out each night. You know you want to come and hang out too! I would love to have you… call me! I did even roast up a couple marshmallows. YUMMM!

Did you know that we even cook out there. So far it has been steaks, waffles, eggs, corn, hot dogs and even brats. So much better in the fire!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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