Hamscher Homestead

Fall has arrived on the Homestead, color too!

Fall has arrived on the Homestead

I know I am ready, Fall has arrived in the Homestead. However, not for the shorter days. Soo much to do! As you can see Joe has been working on those dang reeds. Guys it has been months since I have seen water. I know we have to do something, but Joe does not want chemicals. Which I understand, but….

This is one of two burning bushes that we have in the homestead. The leaves fell pretty quick on the one in the front. This one is holding on, even as I type this it still looks so pretty! Reminder….

Fall likes to teach us how good it is to let go!

Remember last weeks post? That is the burn barrel on the bottom left of this photo. I can tell you that it is full as we speak and more to go in. Soo, that means more burning this week too!

This week Cuddles decided that she was snoopervising Joe while fixing a leak in the roof. She hung out, seriously the whole time I was out, also supervising. At one point I thought she was going to climb the ladder. SERIOUSLY!

Mooch also got in the snoopervising act on Thursday. Joe went to work, I had a TON of stuff to bring to the resale shop, donate. I was in the studio and turned to get more coffee. Surprise! I am happy to say that he is doing better, thankfully. Mooch is an old man. Also, the last of our original group. Best we can figure he was born in 2003. For a kitty, he is an old man. I think he heard Joe and I talking about a real Christmas tree and he is doing his best to hold out! Fingers crossed.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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