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Fall Delivery kitty sillies and holes this week

Fall Delivery kitty sillies

Today I have Fall Delivery kitty sillies and holes this week. Here is the last of the Fall decorations. I love decorating this cabinet!! I especially love how even though I only add a few things each year, It always looks different. Move something here or there. Change the placement, and boom its amazing!! I have a TON for you this week… buckle up!!

I found this HUGE bumblebee on one of my flowers. Plus the Dahlias are still showing off. I know there is not much time left to get in on all the different colors and that nature will be hibernating VERY soon. I found a few more pretty blooms later but wanted to be sure to share these will you. Why?? Just pretty!!

I was soo excited for this delivery. There are 1410 bulbs in these crates. Some daffodils, tulips and alliums too. Yes, I have started planting. Last year a neighbor loved all the daffodils here and asked if I would get some bulbs for her. I sure did. So that is where I started planting. Next was the Memorial Garden. Over 100 there. And remember the new addition to the concert mixer?? I planted over 20 in there. Yes, I have plans to add more down the street too. Joe also asked if we could put some along the street on our added property. Lots more to to!!

Ohhhh Henry!! Guys, yes, it really does happen. He rides the vacuum around the house. I was shocked when he stayed on it even while it was emptying out. Some would say that it sounds like a plane taking off. Apparently he was not afraid. The second photo was while it was emptying out. He just cracks me up.

Lastly, is the holes… The woodchuck decided to build a house under my storage shed that has been next to the deck for YEARS!! UUGGHH, So I emptied it out, tossed a bunch of stuff and found this… There were at least three holes in the yard. One on the corner of the kitchen foundation, one under the window and one just under where the shed once was. Thankfully the woodchuck was not inside whilst I was doing this chore. The shed has been moved to the chicken coop and the items, that were kept are back inside. However, I have to say that I am not too sad about this… I have a place to put more feed inside storage containers now.

Goodness knows what I will come up with next week. I am sure that between Joe being off and the poor sick little kittens I will have a story or two to share.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

I only have two kits left!!

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