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Fall color Bulbs and Kitties for you this week.

Fall color Bulbs and Kitties

Fall color Bulbs and Kitties

There is so much color this year. Have you been enjoying it too?? Today is about Fall color Bulbs and Kitties. Starting off with the Fall color. Here is the Sugar Maple showing off. Amazing how the color is around the top… as if it is not quite ready to let go. However I think my favorite is the different colors as this tree turns. AMAZING!!

Fall color Bulbs and Kitties

Apparently this Maple did not want to be missed either. It is almost as red as the Burning Bushes. Humm, I did I show you those yet?? Just wait. This tree is off the deck.

Fall color Bulbs and Kitties

This was my view while planting bulbs over the weekend. It sure is beautiful. So the orange is one of the Oak trees. That one is on the other side of the driveway. See those two Burning Bushes?? I bet you those caught your eye first. While on the phone I saw this and had to stop. I was sure to share with Joe when he came to help me. Ohhh yes he did!!

Told you … I was bound and determined to get the proof that he helped. He covered all 360 holes out back. Trust me when I say that I was thankful. I really was. I did find some fun things however. How HUGE is that oak leaf. That hole is actually one of the bulb holes that I dug. Did I mention that Joe got me an auger for the drill. Sooo, much easier. Made pretty quick work of all those holes let me tell you.

Lastly, it is all about the kitties.

That dark rounded fluff is Mr Bigglesworth he is watching Donnie. And let me tell you there has been lots of playing together. Sure the toys help. But I might also blame the new carpet. They have been enjoying toys under the coffee table.

The very last photo was taken tonight. Junior, was super brave and came in to check out what inside was like. Not for very long. One step at a time. With the dropping temperatures here I hope it does not take very long. It is chilly with that door cracked open. BRRRR

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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