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Enjoying Creatures and Landscape today.

Enjoying Creatures and Landscape today

What an amazing week I had… Wow… travel, weeds, chickens, kittens and also Joe. Starting by Enjoying Creatures and Landscape today. Here is a bug for you first. This big caterpillar will soon be a Beautiful Monarch Butterfly. I found it under a broken clay pot. I was please to see it. As I do love my butterflies. I very much look forward to finding the soon to be chrysalis. However, the best will be the butterfly.

The journey I am sure will be an amazing thing to watch!!

See the bird bath in the photo on the left?? It was over there that I found the caterpillar. Yes, this was all wed out in a matter of a couple hours on a pretty steamy day. I was sure to start however after the shade started coming around. So happy to report that the main flower beds are getting done. I have been back in the Memorial and the Kitchen window gardens. Soon to be back in those again. Did you see the new flowers?? Yup, I have more to add to the Memorial garden.

I was thinking on my way to Michigan. I am going to keep up on the weeds in all the places. However, I think that focusing on one garden and filling it up, is the way to go. That way I can focus on what I want instead of fluttering around like a butterfly. Hahaha.

This was the best though. I know it is a little tough to see. However, Joe and I walked the yard the other night. I do love how it is all looking.

Do you have lights in your garden??

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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