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Eggs Moth and lots of Garden space here.

Eggs Moth and lots of Garden

Eggs Moth and lots of Garden

Another week and the beginning of August, Yikes!! This week is all about Eggs Moth and lots of Garden stuff going on. The girls have been busy, and my fridge is full. If you are local contact me for some fresh, yummy eggs.

Eggs Moth and lots of Garden

Joe called me outside to take a look at this… I have never seen anything like this. However, I am guessing that it is a moth. This poor thing looks like it went through a hurricane. Holes in its wings and the poor thing could not move very far. I carefully picked it up and moved it to shade and it was gone the next day.

Aaahhh, so much better! After no attention and some super warm days, the weeds. Yes, they have been trying to take over. Nope, I will not have that. I am super excited to find a TON of new Coneflower blooming. I do love how much better it looks. It did not take to look either. I started at about 2 and was done by 4. After Joe left for work I got the other side cleared out.

Lastly, I will finish up with the blooms. Sunflowers, in the veggie garden are starting to bloom. However, not be left out the Limelight Hydrangea is looking gorgeous.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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