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Eggs, Chickens and Flowers of course this week.

Eggs, Chickens and Kitties

Eggs, Chickens and Flowers

Another week full of Eggs, Chickens and Flowers of course!! Check out the new green eggs that I have started to get. Holy Cow, is what I said when I found them. I know it it kinda tough to see how dark they are here. I will have to put them with a regular green so that you can really tell. More came today. Yes, it is exciting.

Eggs, Chickens and Kitties

Can you believe it,

the newest chicks are two months old already. I know it is kinda tough to see all four of them. However, they were BUSY checking out the big pen area on Saturday. NO the big girls were not in there too. I let them run around for a bit to give these littles a chance to investigate. You bet that they did. Even in the coop itself. I will say it was kinda funny because one of the Blue Sapphires kept going up the ramp and jumping down. Can you see that one of the Silkies is completely white and the other has some blue specks. It is getting more noticeable the other it gets. I can not wait to see what happens.

Any guesses?? I am clueless. Gourds I know, but. I know I will have to wait and see. But really?? Check out these others.

And they are still going.. They start out like this. Green and watermelon shape. Note, the photo on the right. They are still going strong. And dare I say, there are still a ton of flowers. Fingers crossed that we get a couple different ones.

Lastly, the science experiment is still proving to be fruitful!! haha, These are my new Phlox that will need to be planted. I love the petal pink color and the almost cherry cobbler middle. Weeding out front where these will need to be planted was what I worked on today.

I know it does not look like much but the wood is actually an upcoming project. I will look forward to sharing with you in a few weeks. First they must dry out.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

Stampin Bingo

Come on you know you want to join us!! Check this post for all the information!!

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