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Eggs Birds and Snoopervisors on Homestead

Eggs Birds and Snoopervisors

Eggs Birds and Snoopervisors

This week it is all about Eggs Birds and Snoopervisors. Starting off with eggs. It has been awhile since the Homestead had dark brown and green eggs. This means that the last of the chicks from fall have started to lay.


With new chicks on the way too… These girls need to earn their keep, haha. We have gotten two dark brown and 4 green eggs so far this week. I sure am glad that we figured out the light situation.

I have to tell you a funny story… The photo on the left is the girl that lays the dark brown eggs and she was VERY proud of herself. She came up to the door and started tell me all ABOUT it. With all the snow and cold these girls have been locked up. Finally, they said… some sunshine. Out running around and making all kinds of racket.

This one stumped even Paula. Not sure what the bird on the left is. I am thinking, maybe a Northern Mocking Bird. However, I am not super sure. It is about the side of a Blue Jay. I will say for sure that the Finch’s were out in full force this morning… The feeders were full and on each perch was a finch either yellow or red. DANG!!

Hamscher Homestead

Do you see her??

Cuddles you bad girl… No birds please. I did talk with her this afternoon. She did not promise anything. Geezz, I am happy to report that she did not get any this morning… I am also happy to report that she has caught a couple mice and left them as presents for us. uugghh.

Eggs Birds and Snoopervisors

You know, White Sox usually just comes in the Flutter by Studio talks and leaves. I worked later tonight and he decided that he was going to hang out with me. No complaining, not demanding anything just snoopervising. Hummm, Maybe all this new attention from Joe is helping him figure things out. One can hope. I will see you again tomorrow….

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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