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Ducks and Ducks, a Treasure and Cleaning

Ducks are back! Soooo excited, because this was day 4.

These were taken on Sunday morning. There are 8 couples. Three Wood Duck couples and One Mallard set. Joe and I are beyond excited!! We decided that we are going to make duck nesting boxes. However, maybe not for this year. Really not super excited to go out to a store right now.

Boy ohhh, boy we need a barn!

Why?? So that we can have a space to have a stash of supplies for times like these.


Joe has been spending some time in the basement to find this treasure. Do you know what it is?? Did you have one?? How many “Stories” did you have?? I remember having a few. Joe however had a couple containers of them. DANG!! He even remembers picking some out at Kmart. hahaha.

What other treasures will be found, goodness knows!

Not and aisle at the grocery store!!

Took advantage of everything still being in containers from the retreat to bleach some more. Shelves wiped down and now to put it ALL back in it’s proper place. Maybe even organize some more??? YIKES!!

I am sure that I will be adding to Joe’s burn pile in the up coming week. I will try and remember to take a picture to share.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!


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