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Double Toolbox my 3D Thursday FREE Tutorial

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Double Toolbox my 3D Thursday

I am excited for this weeks, Double Toolbox my 3D Thursday . This is my last week before our summer break. Ohhh, wait that is not true… We are doing a blog hop later this month…. That is one you are not going to want to miss!! Ready for a look??

Trusty Tools Double toolbox

Here we go… I shared my idea with Joe. I also told him that I was doing some Paper engineering. He looked at me like I was crazy, haha. You mean like a train engineer, Geeez. (Dad I did add this story for you!!) Anyway, I have been doing some things with this stamp and dies bundle. I have to admit that this idea did not come easily. Yes, I was WAY overthinking it!! Originally I was going to do a single toolbox … yes, I love a challenge!! Wanting to take it to the next level. How did I do??

I will share that there is several parts to this idea. Do not worry, I will share with you all the steps in the FREE tutorial. Here is a peek at a few of those steps. The left is a how to add the handles and the dividers. The right is making the lower box to the toolbox. If you have never gotten one of the 3D Thursday tutorials, I really try to be sure include photos for all the steps.

Candies and more Toolbox

No I did not forget to have a small candy stash. Why?? Well, why not!! I know that Joe likes candies, and I bet the man in your life likes them too!! Yes, Dad even you… Dark chocolates of course!!

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