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Donnie Clyde and a visit to Michigan

Donnie Clyde and a visit to Michigan

Ohh it has been quiet. The calm before the storm I think… This week Donnie Clyde and a visit to Michigan was all I got done. Donnie has missed popping in to say hello. Not sure why, but he has been demanding attention. Happy boy, nothing really going on, I do not think. He has been doing some helping these days too. I will see if I can get a photo of that too, haha.

As you can see though, Clyde has also been helping more. This photo was taken after my Michigan trip. I think he was happy that I was home. Only gone for two day. We will see how they handle mom being gone for five days. That will be next week. Soo much to do!!

Nancy and Jennifer finding a flamingo.

You know as well as I do that shenanigan’s are always going to happen. We stopped at Big Lots on Saturday and found a TON of flamingo stuff. Yes, we did make sure our friend Erica knew all about the fun things. Soo, this was AFTER a long day of crafting with Nancy and her team. We made cards for a local animal shelter. You know that is near to my heart too!!

I am really looking forward to sharing more on this trip. Check back later this week!! We made 150 Thank you cards!!

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