Hamscher Homestead

Dirty Hands and the Hot Fire on the Homestead.

Dirty Hands and the Hot Fire

Dirty Hands and the Hot Fire

Not much but Dirty Hands and the Hot Fire here on the homestead this week. Between classes and working on getting the Winter decorations down. This is all that I have for you this week. Every Sunday I have been heading down to the basement to start a few things. Last week it was the science experiment. This week it is a jump start on some bulbs. And my seeds came today so those heat mats that you see on the top middle of this photo will finally get some use.

Dirty Hands and the Hot Fire

As you can see it is an organized mess. I have all the tags ready to go. There is plenty of dirt. Lastly, see that pink glow on the left hand side?? That is my plant light. I now have two that are on this table. However, I am working on a plan to fit a few more things. I might need one more light. We will see. Humm, I think I know where I can find that. Yes, I actually have four. One in in my bathroom for the plants that I over winter. And two are above the table. The fourth one is going to be interesting…. wait to see what it might be!

Dirty Hands and the Hot Fire

Here I am burn all the papers. I found 3 bankers boxes of crap from before I moved to Indiana back in 2009. I am thinking that I do not need that ANYMORE!! Plus there was a bunch of boxes too. I figure if I just chip away at it, the more we can get accomplished, together!

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty.

March Paper Pumpkin peek

Ohh, I need to remind EVERYONE that there is a FREEBIE in this months kit!! Sign up here!!

Punc a Lot Class

Check back tomorrow to get all the information on this new class!!

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