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Dirt Snoopervisors and Full Glory Trees, the Homestead

Dirt Snoopervisors and Full Glory

Get a load at these Dirt Snoopervisors and Full Glory Trees. So the first “snoopervisor” was Cuddles. She decided that she liked to help with only the onions. Goodness knows why but she had to be in the center of it. Than of course when she did not like me moving her, YES, she was in the way. She decided to take a bath… Now Junior was just hanging out on the sidelines. However, as soon as I was ready to start the next row of planting… he decided to move. Right in my digging path.


I have to say that you know that it has been too long since you have done some rally work outside when you get blisters on both of your hands. Note, please, that I was wearing gloves. Remember last week Joe leveled out the garden?? Well this week he put the dirt back. It has been time to plant potatoes and onions for a bit now (2 ish weeks) Finally got those in!

There is still a bit of work to finish up, like that big hole. Which I did make a point of talking to Joe about. However, it looks so much better then years past. Like back in May 2020. That slope only got worse in the last two years. Now, I should be good for at least a few more. Big plans on the horizon for over here though. Fingers crossed that is! Ohh, and I also planted some snow peas, beans, carrots and beets.

Here is the last part… These trees are in FULL GLORY… just simply beautiful!! From left to right… Red Delicious apple, Cortland apple and the Crabapple. Can I add that these two apple trees smell just amazing. I could smell them from the driveway. Thankful for the warm sunny weather. Fingers crossed that these two apples, plum (bloomed last week) and the unknown tree (also last week) had lots of visits from the bumblebees. We will soon find out.

Hugs and Have a Great Day getting Crafty!!

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